Michaela – 3D Model Horse Polypaint

Creating a 3D model of a horse with polypaint involves using 3D modeling software such as ZBrush

Creating a 3D model of a horse with polypaint involves using 3D modeling software such as ZBrush .

Polypainting is a technique used to paint directly onto a 3D model’s surface. Here’s a brief overview of the process:

Modeling: Start by creating the 3D model of the horse. You can use reference images or sketches to guide you in shaping the model’s anatomy accurately.

UV Unwrapping: After modeling, you need to unwrap the model’s UVs. UV mapping is essential for applying textures and polypaint accurately. Most 3D modeling software has tools for this.

Polypainting: In ZBrush, for example, you can select the Polypaint feature. Choose your desired brushes and colors to paint directly onto the model’s surface. You can use different brushes for details like the horse’s coat, mane, and tail.


Texture Baking: If you want to export the model with polypaint to other 3D software or game engines, you may need to bake the polypaint information into texture maps like diffuse, specular, and normal maps.

Rendering: Once your 3D model is fully textured and polypainted, you can render it using the rendering engine within your 3D software. Adjust lighting, camera angles, and materials for the desired look.

Final Touches: Make any final adjustments to your model and polypaint as needed. Check for any imperfections or areas that may require further refinement.

Export: Export your 3D model along with its polypaint textures in the desired file format, which could be OBJ, FBX, or others, depending on your intended use.

This process allows you to create a 3D model of a horse with detailed polypaint, making it visually appealing and realistic.

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The world of 3D animal modeling

Unleash your imagination and embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of 3D animal modeling, which I, as an artist, am pleased to offer you.

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3D animal

3D animal modeling is not just art; it’s the creation of living beings from scratch, where every aspect is meticulously studied and conveyed in each detailed polygon.

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From the quality of textures and colors to the representation of behavior and character of each animal—this is the entire world we can create.

In Summary

My goal as a 3D modeling artist is to replicate the wondrous beauty and realism of animals in a virtual space. Every moment of my creativity is a challenge to capture all the nuances that make these creatures so unique. From wild animals roaming the untamed wilderness to beloved pets that bring joy to our everyday lives, each model is a separate masterpiece.

Together with me, you can travel through time and space, meeting and interacting with incredible animals that captivate us with their beauty and mystique. And even though this may be a virtual world, it will always feel alive and unforgettable.