About ME

I design and develop best solutions with a professional design using latest technologies and trends.

Who I am & what I do

My name is Volodymyr, and I am a designer with over 11 years of experience. My professional career encompasses various fields where I have honed my skills and gained valuable expertise.

My areas of expertise include:

  1. 3D Sculpting: I have significant experience in creating three-dimensional models that can be utilized in various domains, including animation and 3D printing.

  2. Vector Illustration: My proficiency in crafting vector illustrations allows me to bring even the most complex concepts and ideas to life.

  3. Product Design: I specialize in developing efficient and aesthetically appealing product designs that go beyond ordinary expectations.

  4. Commercial Design: My work in commercial design is focused on building a brand and enhancing its visibility in the market.

  5. Creating Vector Images for CNC Machines: I design vector images used in manufacturing on computer numerical control (CNC) machines, ensuring precision and high-quality output.

My goal is to help you realize your ideas and bring them into reality. I guarantee long-term collaboration and timely execution of projects without compromising on quality. On my website, you’ll find examples of my work and the opportunity to get in touch with me to initiate a joint project. Together, we can create something incredible!


Owner of Handcrafted Product Business

2021 - 2022 -SAADET

Senior product designer at confectionery factory

2019 - 2021 - ECO LOG HOUSE

CAD, 3D Designer (interior-Exterior 3D visualization)

2018 - 2019 - SAGA SOFT

Web Designer, WORDPRESS Developer

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I am open for hire. Let's bring your creative ideas to life together!